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As health and mixed-use precincts evolve, balancing the need for critical care with fostering positive social benefits is of increasing importance. Sandra Stewart, Principal and Health Sector Lead at Buchan, will join Angela Lee, Partner and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East at HKS, and Ian Smyth, Director of Hesperia at the upcoming […]

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Buchan hosted ‘Think International Precincts’ in Sydney this week, bringing together internationally recognised changemakers, and leaders in the creation of high performing precincts – Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive of the New Sydney Waterfront Co and Angela Lee, Managing Director Asia Pacific and Partner of US Architects, HKS with Buchan Principal and Precinct Sector Lead Phil […]

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With Brisbane committed to delivering the first ‘climate positive’ Games in the history of the Olympics and Paralympics, there is much to consider to achieve what will be a benchmark not only for future Games but development across the globe. As we head into uncharted territory, Buchan recently hosted two significant events in Brisbane to […]

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Buchan Principal Rob Guild questions if urbanisation is delivering the design quality that supports the health and wellbeing of our communities. And, how we should move forward under increasing pressures, including extreme weather events. The opinion piece also features commentary from Buchan Principal Raylene McEwan who shares insights on designing for disaster. With over 20 […]

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Think Precinct

Think Precinct Buchan hosted ‘Think Precinct’ in Perth this month, an interactive conversation on the creation of successful mixed-use precincts, that harness liveability, sustainability and new thinking in construction opportunities and materiality. The event brought together influential design voices from across Buchan and international design firm Nikken Sekkei including Phil Schoutrop, Sector Lead Precincts, Buchan; Harvey […]

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Buchan’s Hotels forum this month ‘Make an impression, leave no trace‘ made an undeniably positive impression on the hotels and hospitality industry. The event brought together influential voices from across the hospitality industry – hoteliers, asset owners, developers and consultants at the forefront of new thinking – to discuss and debate the responsibility and opportunity we have to view […]

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Buchan’s Melbourne Design Week 2022 forum in the round, Taking back the City, brought together four of Melbourne’s eminent thinkers on city design, along with more than 100 industry colleagues, all focused on building better cities through advocacy, design, and community. Thank you to Jill Garner Victorian Government Architect; Prof. Rob Adams City Architect, City of Melbourne; Prof. Billie Giles Corti, Distinguished […]

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